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The independent legal profession was established pursuant to Act No. 132/1990 Coll. on Advocacy that became effective on July 1, 1990. Nowadays Act No. 586/2003 Coll. dated 4 December 2003 on the Legal Profession as amended, which implemented also the EU lawyers´ sectoral directives, is valid and in effect.

The Slovak Bar Association is an independent self-administrative professional organisation, currently associating more than 5500 lawyers with active practice and 2000 trainee lawyers. The legal profession helps to exercise the individual´s constitutional right to defence and to protect any other individual´s and legal entity´s rights and interests in accordance with the Slovak Constitution and the laws. The duties and obligations of the legal profession are fulfilled by lawyers, particularly by representing clients before courts of law, governmental authorities and other entities, acting for and defending individuals in criminal proceedings, legal consultancy, writing instruments about legal acts, making legal analyses and administration of clients´ property.

Lawyer is a person who has met all the legal requirements stipulated in the latter Act and has been duly admitted to the Slovak Bar Association. The Bar Association Council maintains these rolls: the roll of lawyers, European lawyers, foreign registered lawyers and international legal practitioners, list of partnerships of lawyers, limited liability partnerships, general non-commercial partnerships, limited liability companies, list of international law corporations and trainee lawyers.

The Bar Association Council, one of the governing bodies of the Bar, maintains these lists in the alphabetical order and also with reference to the registered offices and language skills. The lists are at your disposal at the web-site of the Bar:

The lawyer is entitled to render legal services in the whole Slovak Republic territory. The requirements for the practice of the profession are stipulated and defined in the Act on the Legal Profession, the Rules of Professional Conduct and other Bar´s internal rules and regulations.

The Bar Association governing bodies are as follows: General Assembly, Bar Association Council, the Supervision and Disciplinary Committees. The Council consists of 9 members and 3 substitutes. The Supervision Committee consists of 9 members and 3 substitutes. The Disciplinary Committee consists of 31 members and 10 substitutes who exercise their powers in three-member disciplinary benches. The Slovak Bar Association exercises the disciplinary power and supervises the proper and due practice of the profession. All the complaints related to the practice of the legal profession are first delivered and registered in a written form or by e-mail by the Bar´s Headquarters. The General Secretary then deals with and handles the complaint within two months following its delivery to the Bar´s Headquarters. Admissible or repeated complaints are submitted to the Supervision Committee. If the Supervision Committee comes to a conclusion that the lawyer breached any of his/her duties as prescribed by the obligatory rules, the chairman of the Supervision Committee shall file a proposal for the commencement of the disciplinary proceedings. The cases of professional misconduct are handled and decided by three-member disciplinary panels.

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